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Henna by Chameleon Faces

henna application

For face painting events and appointments we can refer you to Maddys Face and Body Art Alice and Maddy have worked with us almost as long as we have been in business, and they are wonderful.

Chameleon Faces offers traditional and modern all natural henna art for your parties, events, weddings, and by appointment.

We now have a new henna studio available by appointment , in the Unique Eyebrow Threading Beauty Salon at 729 N. 4th Ave., just south of University, two doors down from the Epic Cafe.
Parking is available on the street.
We will cheerfully give you change for the parking meters during the week; parking is free evenings and weekends.
Please text, or send a message on facebook for an appointment. Appointment times are reserved by paying a $20 booking fee that is applied in full to the cost of your henna appointment at the time and date scheduled.

Walk-ins will be accepted when we are at the studio.
henna studio

Chameleon Faces uses *only* pure, natural henna with no dangerous chemicals.
We mix our own fresh henna paste for the highest quality and for your safety.

Henna (mehndi) (lawsonia inermis) is a desert shrub whose leaves have been used for thousands of years to dye hair and skin.
Natural Henna is applied as a paste, and is left on the skin for several hours. When the henna paste is removed, it leaves an orange stain that darkens to a warm, reddish-brown over the next two days and can last from one to three weeks.
Natural henna is a translucent dye and will stain well even on dark skin.

For the darkest and longest-lasting stains follow these instructions:
Before your henna appointment, do not use lotions or oils. Especially do not use any self-tanning spray or lotion for several days before your appointment. Henna will not stain well through self-tanner. It is best to schedule your appointment about two days before you want your stain to be at its darkest. Henna stains take about two days to darken fully after the henna paste has been removed from the skin.
After your appointment, leave the paste on for at least several hours or overnight. Keep it warm. Do not use water to wash it off, just gently scrape or crumble it off. Keep the stain out of water for 12 to 24 hours. Keep the stained area well moisturized with a natural (non-petroleum based) moisturizer such as coconut oil, cocoa butter, etc. especially before bathing or swimming.

Chameleon Faces can provide small, fast designs for large events with many people, or more elaborate designs for your special occasions, and everything in between.

** What about "White Henna"??
white henna-style design
-You may have seen photos on instagram or pinterest labeled "white henna" with beautiful henna style designs in white.
  We can provide the same look for you! 
"White henna"
is adhesive-based white body paint that adheres to the outermost layer of skin, and with care, can remain for 1-3 days on the skin.
The product we use comes in white, gold, or other colors (please order in advance) and will not last long on fingers, and will last only up to about a day on the hands, but will last longer on arms, shoulders, or legs.
This is not henna, so it will not stain the skin. The "white henna" look is perfect for an occasion such as a prom or wedding, where you want an elegant look, but don't want a stain that will last for a couple of weeks.
This look is available for private appointments or small groups, but is not a good choice for large events.

Please allow extra time when booking your appointment for "white henna" to be sure we have the right supplies on hand.**

If you want a black colored stain instead of a red-brown natural henna stain, please do not ever get "black henna" (see below)
There is now a Natural Alternative to "black henna". The alternative is called Jagua, and is made from the juice of the genipa americana fruit. Genipa fruit grows in the Amazon region of South America, where it has been used for hundreds of years to temporarily dye the skin in intricate patterns. The application process is similar to natural henna, and the stain will last up to about a week or two. The aftercare is different, and will be explained at your appointment. We have jagua available on request. Again, please book well in advance of your appointment so we can be sure to have sufficient supplies on hand.

***We do NOT use "Black Henna."
Please do NOT ever get a "black henna" tattoo- they can be dangerous!
The black dye used in so-called "black henna" is the toxic coal-tar dye, Para-phenylenediamine (PPD). Reactions to PPD include itching, burning, and blistering, that can occur up to several days after initial application. Sometimes the chemical burns result in permanent scars. Reactions that are not obvious include internal damage to kidneys and liver. The same harmful chemical in "black henna" is also frequently found in commercial henna cones, especially "instant mehndi". Any shelf-stable henna cone will have toxic artificial dyes and/or preservatives. Please don't take chances with your health and the health of your loved ones. Always get pure, natural henna!
You can click on this link to read more about the dangers of "black henna": or just run a google image search for 'black henna scars'.

glittered henna
jeweled hands Your henna designs can be decorated with safe cosmetic glitter and genuine Swarovski crystals.

Here are a few more pictures of our work. The ones that look black are photos of the henna paste before it was removed:
henna sun inspired by debi varvi
henna dragon lotus with glitter bhavini design

henna moon inspired by unknown artist and debi varvi small sun with glitter click here for larger image two friends hennaed
bridal henna click here for larger image

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