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Q. What do dinosaur jokes have to do with face painting?

 A.  Nothing! Unless the face painter happens to really like dinosaur jokes, like I do!
painting triceratops

Q. Why did the T Rex cross the road?

T Rex Crossing

A.  Because there weren't going to be any chickens for another 64 million years!

Q. What's a T. Rex's favorite number?

A.  8!  and ate, and ate...

t. rex ate

Q. What does a dinosaur eat for dinner?

A.  A lot!!

Q. What do you call a stegosaurus with carrots in its ears?

A.  Anything you want to. It can't hear you!

Q. What do you get when two large, ferocious, meat-eating dinosaurs crash into each other?

Tyrannosaurus wrecks!
A.  Tyrannosaurus Wrecks!!

This next one was sent to us August 2nd by Cindy Liebherr. Thanks Cindy!!!!

Q. What do you call a large, sleeping dinosaur?

A.  A BrachioSNOREus!

If you have a favorite good, clean, dinosaur joke, send it to me and we can post it for everyone to enjoy!