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Meet The Principal Artist
the artist at workLinda has always loved to paint and draw, and has been doing so for as long as she can remember. She took four years of art classes in high school as electives and learned everything from perspective drawing and graphic enlargements to metal enameling. She also learned about applying stage makeup while on makeup crew for her high school's theatre productions.

At Mount Holyoke College Linda went on to take three more semesters of art, although she chose to major in geology. After graduate school she took several months' instruction in Japanese calligraphy and painting in a small group with a private instructor. She also does pen and ink calligraphy and is a member of the Southern Arizona Scribes.

the finished painting!In 1997 Linda took up face painting as a volunteer for DreamBuilders Community Ministry, to add some more fun for the kids at their neighborhood outreaches. Since that time she has greatly expanded her knowledge and skill at facepainting, in part through an international facepaint discussion list and correspondence with experts in the field. Linda opened Chameleon Faces Facepainting in August of 2001.

Since the opening of Chameleon Faces, Linda has been privileged to attend two international gatherings of face painters where she has received instruction and critique from some of the best face painters in the world, including Olivier Zegers of Belgium, Genevieve Gagne of Canada, and Christopher Agostino of New York.

First Place,
Snazaroo International Face Painting Photo Contests,
"Kings and Queens" May 2002 ,
"Skin Tones" August 2002

Second place,
Snazaroo International Face Painting Photo Contest,
“Birds”, June 2001

Honorable Mention,
Snazaroo International Face Painting Photo Contests,
"Kings and Queens" May 2002 ,
"Skin Tones" August 2002,
"Step-by-Step" April, 2002