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Here are some of the honors and awards we have won:

February, 2014: Princess Design and Photos chosen for the launch of the new Ruby Red facepaint brand, the first certified vegan,
paraben-free, made in the USA professional face paints. pink princess face painting by Chameleon Faces

SNAZAROO'S "Top 100 Faces for the Professional Face Painter" (abstract peacock)

SNAZAROO Featured Artist November 2002-2003

Awards received in SNAZAROO's International Competitions at www.snazaroo.us :

First Place
"Painting Jewelry" September 2005 (knotted strand of pearls)
"Kings and Queens" May 2002, (princess with silver & gold crown)
"Skin Tones" August 2002 (rainbow butterfly)

Second place
"Flowers" August 2004 (blue & purple garland)
“Birds”, June 2001 (peacock)

"Summer Free For All" August 2002, (pink and purple flowers) , (bulldog)

Honorable Mention
"Skin Tones" August 2002 (white and lavender flower garland)
"Kings and Queens" May 2002 (princess with blue crown)
"Step-by-Step" April, 2002 (dragon)

Additional Awards and Honors:
Best Painting
Gary Cole Face Painting Workshop, Phoenix, AZ, August, 2004